Thursday, May 11, 2006
Tantra Chair Review

After months of anticipation, I was very fortunate to receive a Tantra Chair of my very own last week.

I want to say a few words about my experience ordering the chair before we get into the good parts.

My first contact with Al Vitaro (the CEO of Zen By Design, and designer of the Tantra Chair) was after he left a comment on one of my former blogs regarding a post I had written about his product.

I e-mailed him a reply and thanked him for his comment, and from there we became good friends in the online sort of sense.

When it came time to order my chair he provided some of the best customer service I've ever encountered. Any questions or e-mails were answered promptly and completely, usually within 24 hours. The new Artemis Chair was developed while my chair was being built and he immediately offered me the choice to switch chair styles if I preferred.

I requested that I pay the shipping COD, and even though it was not what they normally do, he went out of his way to organize it all for me. He also let me know well in advance what the shipping charges would be.

While I was having the chair cleared through customs he kept in touch via e-mail in case I needed any help with anything, and since receiving my chair he has contacted me a few times to see how I am enjoying it.

Truly, I could not have asked for a better experience in dealing with the company.

The chair arrived last week and MJ and I decided that the best place for it would be our bedroom. After all, I picked the wood color and fabric so that it would match the decor of our bedroom.

The chair itself is as gorgeous as it is functional. The gentle arcs remind me of the curves of a woman's body, and it truly begs to be sat upon, or touched, or utilized for pleasure. The silk brocade fabric is soft and slippery, adding to the wonderful tactile experience of sitting on the chair.

It is actually very comfortable just as a chair. I like to sit on it now when I am talking on the phone. My kids love climbing all over it and MJ and I joke that we might have to order the Artemis chair (essentially a slightly smaller version) for them to play on.

I know a little bit about woodwork and general construction of furniture so I can vouch for how well made this chair is. I have no doubt that it will last my lifetime and beyond, although the cushion may have to be replaced at some point. The chair is very solid, and I am totally impressed with the craftsmanship.

Ours is the maple wood and the black silk brocade. It is really the most beautiful piece I have ever owned.

I am sure what you really want to know is what it's like for sex.

Well, let me tell you, this chair is the most fantastic thing to happen to sex since...well pretty much since sex was invented.

We started off with MJ sitting in the crook of the chair, with his back against the larger arc. I straddled his waist, my feet resting comfortably on the floor. In that position there is no strain on the ankles or knees like you might find with being on top on a bed. You are sitting at the same height as you would in a regular chair, you can bounce easily without any strain on your joints. That position was really lovely.

Next we tried reverse cowgirl, MJ staying in the same spot and me turning around and straddling him again. It was nice to be able to lean forward and support myself on the smaller arc. It sort of turned into a hybrid position of reverse cowgirl and doggie style. I was able to either bounce up and down, or rock forwards and back for two totally different sensations.

After a little of that, MJ turned around so that he way laying back on the small arc, and I was facing away from him with my chest against the big arc, straddling his crotch in another variation of reverse cowgirl. WOW! That felt incredible :) It was very comfortable and I was able to wrap my arms somewhat around the larger arc for extra leverage.

We decided to try some positions where MJ was standing. First I lied on my back on the big arc and wrapped my legs around Jacks waist as he stood in front of me. It felt a little awkward at first, since I was afraid of sliding backwards off the chair and onto my head, LOL. MJ held onto my hands and started thrusting and oh my gawd! I think the fact that I was hanging onto him sort of added to the intimacy with the trust that he would not let me fall. He liked it a lot as well of course ;).

Next I bent over the large arc and he took me from behind. I crossed my ankles and lifted my feet off the floor so that they were sort of against MJ's butt while he fucked me. It was actually really fantastic! We finished off in that position and then laid back in awe.

I mean really, it doesn't get much better than that!

As for cleaning, since I imagine the more practical people would be curious about how easy the silk is to clean, it was simple. When we were finished I took a soft cloth and wet it, then gently dampened the areas where bodily fluid was left. Then I took a small drop of liquid laundry detergent and wiped the areas with it, not rubbing it in, just giving a quick surface wipe. Then I used a clean damp cloth to wipe it down again, and let it dry. It was easy to clean and didn't leave any spots or marks behind. I would be hesitant to get any lubricant on the chair, as I don't know if it would stain. But normal bodily fluids should not be an issue.

I just adore my Tantra Chair. Just looking at it makes me smile. I know that we will enjoy it over and over for many years to come.

I will recommend this chair to everyone I know, particularly people who practice Tantric Sex, as it makes prolonged lovemaking more comfortable. It is a significant investment, but one that I personally feel is worth while.

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