Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Interview With Al Vitaro

Al was kind enough to answer some questions for me about the Tantra Chair, which I thought would be if interest to my readers.

The Tantra Chair is designed to enhance a very wide variety of sexual positions. How exactly did the entire Tantra Chair concept occur to you?

The concept for the Tantra Chair occurred to me because I wanted to create an art form that would encourage the sacred positions of the Kama Sutra. Sexuality and sexual experiences are an amazing and beautiful part of our human existence and I wanted to create a furniture design that would honor and enhance this perspective. I wanted to bring the attention away from the superficial sexual experience back into the sacred, more spiritually intimate experience. Tantric Sex is a vehicle for awakening the spirit. It is an honorable, loving and liberating path that everyone should experience in their lifetime.

The Tantra Chair is such a unique piece of furniture. What was your inspiration for the design?

The inspiration for the actual physical design was very simple. I am a stone sculptor and one of my favorite subjects has been the female body. My experience with this translated directly into the Tantra Chair. I created the Tantra Chair inspired by the beauty and elegance of the female form.

Without revealing an company secrets, can you tell me a bit about the process of crafting one of these chairs?


The process for creating these chairs is very interesting and I happy to share with you. The Tantra Chair is actually hand crafted out of very thick wood which is a very time consuming process. Although we make many Tantra Chairs at one time, it takes us approximately two weeks from start to finish. This is a very expensive way to create this piece but I do not want to sacrifice the quality in any possible way. To this day, we have yet to have an unsatisfied customer and we continually sell these pieces all over the world.

Some people are skeptical about how easy the silk brocade upholstery is to keep clean. Any thoughts or advice on that?

This is very understandable. The reason we use the silk brocade is because it cleans very easily and shows absolutely no wear and tear over the years. Normal bodily fluids should not be a problem. If by chance a seat cushion is ruined, we have replacement cushions readily available at a minimal cost. Although, we are working on a washable cover to use during intimacy to protect some of the velvet and chenille fabrics that we have recently brought into the line.

Do you really have to know anything about Tantric Sex to enjoy these chairs?

This is a difficult question to answer accurately but I would have to say no. The design of this chair actually puts your body in unique positions in a comfortable manner. The Tantra Chair naturally changes pelvic angles during intercourse which greatly enhances the physical pleasure for both men and women. If you do practice Tantric Sex, I think you will appreciate this design even more.

Just out of curiosity, do you practice Tantric Sex yourself?

Of course. There is no other way for my wife and I.

Are there any plans to produce a book or manual of positions to go with the chair, or will you just leave it up to the creativity of your customers?

We have created the DVD to help give people ideas but honestly, we do not touch on a fraction of the possibilities. Our customers write in frequently telling us of new positions they have just discovered...some of them I never even imagined. It is really interesting...the possibilities seem endless. Women especially enjoy the comfort of the Tantra Chair as they are propelled into a position of control. The unique width of the chair allows the woman to control the depth and angle of penetration in most cases. This creates so many possible positions that it is difficult to illustrate all of them.

You just developed the Artemis Chair. How is this chair different than the Tantra Chair?

The Artemis is machine crafted which helped us to lower the retail cost on this particular piece. It is very similar to the Tantra Chair but the Artemis is 5 ft long instead of 6 ft long. The Artemis has very similar arcs and angles and can be used in much the same way as the Tantra Chair. We use the finest Baltic birch wood to create the Artemis which also helps us to keep the cost down. The main difference between the two chairs is the length and the cost. The quality is very comparable.

Are there any new furniture pieces in development? If so, can you tell me anything about it?

I always have new designs in the works and you can see most of them at

How can I get hired as a product tester, LOL?

Just ask us :)

For my own personal curiosity, what are your feelings on polyamory and plural marriage?

Honestly, my thoughts on polyamory and plural marriage are actually thoughts of great appreciation. I feel that if two people are evolved enough to look at the bigger picture of life, polyamory can make a great deal of sense. I can deeply connect to the understanding of plural marriage. Being a Buddhist, we are very open to everything and come from a place of non judgment. I see everything as an expression of eternity and whatever it is, it is

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Tantra Chair
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