Friday, February 03, 2006
Q. and A. Part Two

I have a question. I'm a regular reader, and know you have come into your 'kink' fairly young in life. In my experience, most like-minded people will develop it over time. I wonder if there are events, or elements from your earlier life, be they sexual or not, which you now look back upon and think were significant in terms of the appeal of submissiveness

Wow, that's one to make me think :) I reflected upon this quite a lot when I was first learning about BDSM, power exchange, etc. I have to admit, my desire for submission came as quite a surprise to myself, since I have always had such a dominant personality in my vanilla life.

I also think that the singular reason I have come to this place in life (so far as my kink goes) is because of the internet. I didn't really realize that I was submissive until I started chatting at BDSM sites/etc. I was able to read so much information, and put a name to my desires.

When I think back on it, submission just felt so natural to me that I never gave it a second thought. I just embraced it and learner as much as I could about the lifestyle and looked for like-minded people to talk to.

I don't know that there were any significant events that stand out in my earlier life. I started learning about BDSM so early (16) that perhaps that in itself was a significant event.

Thank you very much for this question :) I love questions that make me think!

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