Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Things That Make Me Go MMMmmm...

I returned to bed, having just assured our oldest child that in fact there were no monsters in our house. It was the wee hours and I assumed that my darling husband was still fast asleep. Little did I know that he was just waiting silently in the darkness for his unsuspecting prey to return...

I slid between the covers and before I even had time to settle in his arms were around me and his mouth was gently sucking one of my nipples. I arched into him, whimpering softly, his unexpected attentions being a very wonderful surprise in the middle of the night. Spontaneity is nearly always quite the aphrodisiac for me, and last night was no exception.

He licked and kissed and sucked my nipples while I writhed and moaned in his arms. He ran one hand over my skin, reaching between my legs and rubbing my pussy, which was already quite wet with anticipation. I groaned and humped his hand, wordlessly begging him for more.

He nudged my legs apart so that he could have better access to me. I offered up no resistance, and soon he was working his fingers into my eager cunt. He whispered in my ear that I was his dirty whore, he asked me if I was a filthy slut and all I could do was whimper yes. He had me rub my clit while he fingered me, my other hand stroking his hard cock

He told me to cum for him, and I did, bucking my hips, my entire body spasming. The waves of pleasure were intense, and lasted longer than average for me. My pussy clenched his fingers as I twisted and groaned. He tried to coax a second orgasm out of me, but I didn't think that I could manage it.

I was still feeling horny, although in a less urgent way. I wanted his cock in me, I love how it feel pushing into my pussy. We kissed, and I slid one leg over him and wriggled up until I was laying on top of him, straddling his waist. Slowly, I lower myself onto him, inch by inch. He groaned and thrust his hips up, but I wanted to make him wait. When I had taken his entire cock I started rocking back and forth, his dick sliding in and out of me. I clenched my muscles around him and was met with an approving moan.

He grabbed my hips and urged me to go faster, and harder. It felt incredible, his cock was going into me so deep, I was actually surprised that it didn't hurt, but for whatever reason it just felt amazing.

MJ was thrusting his hips up to meet me, his grunts becoming louder, I could tell that he was getting close. I rocked my hips harder, I was panting like I had run a marathon. Finally he came and I collapsed onto the bed beside him.

Once we had both caught our breath and settled back down, we cuddled up together and fell asleep. This morning I had to really think to decide if it actually happened, or if it was just a very hot dream.

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