Monday, December 05, 2005
Oh Christmas Tree

Last night I set up our Christmas tree (finally).

MJ brought it up from the basement in it's plastic storage container. He worked in his office while I unpacked the branches and fluffed them up, sorting them into piles and getting organized for tree-building.

While I assembled the trunk of the tree and started arranging the branches I thought of the stories this tree could tell if it could talk. It is a very old artificial tree; the only Christmas tree that MJ ever knew while he lived at home. When he moved out on his own, the tree went with him, and now it is gracing the living room of our brand new house. It is still in good shape for it's age, although MJ and I agree that it must have shrunk some as it got older. It's supposed to be 7 feet tall but it looks smaller for some reason.

It has seen the first Christmas' of MJ and his brothers, and now of our children. MJ and I set it up together for our first Christmas as husband and wife. It is a beautiful tree, and it means the world to MJ, and to myself as well.

After I had gotten all the branches on and re-arranged them 500 times, until they were all perfect, I covered it in strings of lights. MJ and I both like a tree with lots of lights. I turned off all of the other lights in the house and lured MJ out of his den to check out the tree. It looked magnificent of course, it almost seems a shame to cover it with other decorations. Truly it would be perfectly beautiful with nothing but lights on it.

We admired our tree, discussing plans for the rest of the decorations (we need to get some new garland before we can put anything else on the tree). He held me against him and we kissed, softly at first, and then harder, more passionately. He lifted the front of my t-shirt and pinched my nipples, making me feel weak in the knees. Eventually he pulled my shirt over my head (my pants had already come off sometime earlier) and I was naked, pressed tight against him, enjoying his hands on my body.

I pulled his shirt over his head as well, and nuzzled his chest, pressing my cheek against his skin and listening to his heart beating. He coaxed me onto the floor and laid me down on my back. I basked in the glow from the tree lights. We kissed again before he broke away to pay attention to other areas of my body with his mouth.

We made love in front of our beautiful Christmas tree. I enjoyed one of those rare moments when it feels like there is nothing else but him and I. Only the two of us, swimming in boundless pleasure. Incredible just isn't a good enough word to describe it. It was raw and hard, yet so gentle and slow, all at once.

Later on, once MJ had gone back to his office to finish his work, I stretched out on my side and looked up at our tree. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I wept for a while, unable to stop myself and not really wanting to anyway. I don't know why I cried, so I can't even try to explain it here. I just...did.

Eventually I headed up to bed, MJ following soon after, and we curled up together and slept. The holiday season is definitely getting off to a proper start.

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