Friday, December 30, 2005
Bloggasm #14

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Sorry it's late everyone, I was away for Christmas!

Bloggasm #14

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them. This week starting with the letter 'T'.

Things That Make Me Go MMMmmm... (

The Personal Touch... (

Unrecovered memories (

What do you taste like? (

An Ass Licking (

Airport (

Caveat Anal (

Condom statue angers Catholics (

Dumped by a Client (

Forgiveness (

Fun to be Bound, Bound to be Fun - 'Seduction' (

I'm proud... (

In need (

In the Beginning (

London Calling (

Moonlight and Fucking (

Not Picky About Porn (

Podnography #17 - Coed strippers, Wikipedia and Katie's big O (

Reach Out and Touch Someone (

Should I? (

Smooth as a... (

StoryTime: coming to work (

Lovingly policed by Sabrina Morgan

Our Favorite Story Of The Moment Is:

The Ice Queen
[By The_Darkness]

Temp's Pick

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Tantra Chair
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Tantra Chair
A Sacred Exploration into the Kama Sutra

Happy Valentine's Day! rosesglitter


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