Friday, November 11, 2005
Will Have Sex For More Blog Traffic

So, a little update on my experiment with Technorati. So far I haven't gotten a lot of hits from the tags added to my posts, which is not surprising, considering I only have 4 of them total, LOL.

In the process of learning about Technorati, I also signed up for an 'account' there. It's free, and in some ways it is like BlogLines, you can track your favorite blogs and get the updates sent to your account as soon as Technorati picks them up. You can also enter Tags that you are interested in, such as 'Paris Hilton' or 'Goat Sex' and it will send you feeds whenever it picks up a blog that includes those words.

One of the perks as a blog owner is that you 'claim' your blog and it is added to your account. You can get a nifty little search box and a list of who links to you, that you can add to your sidebar (see mine on the right, under my Listed With section). As I have found out, the best part is that Technorati allows you to add up to 20 tags to your blog, so that when someone searches Technorati for one of your tag words, your blog will be part of the list. I have gotten quite a few hits from that already, and I have found out that my blog ranks pretty high among tags for Bondage, Anal Sex, and Submission. Of course I believe the only reason I even make it onto the radar is because a lot of bloggers aren't taking full advantage of Technorati. I didn't even want to tell you all this because I know that I could get shipped on down the list if more prominent sex bloggers decide to add tags to their blogs. But I believe in Karma and I want to share the blog traffic love with everyone.

Without delving deep into the inner workings of Technorati, I believe that they rank blogs on how many incoming links they have from other sites, and perhaps (although I am totally unsure of this) how may times certain keywords appear on the blog in question (much like the mysterious Google search ranking system). Don't quote me on this though, LOL.

I would really encourage anyone who wants to increase their blog traffic to at least 'register' your blog and add a bunch of tags to it. Also write an interesting description, so that people will want to read you. If you don't use any features beyond that, at least you will have a better chance at being found by people with similar interests.

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