Wednesday, November 09, 2005
I Like Cheap Thrills

I have recently noticed more and more blogs adding Technorati tags to their blog posts. I suppose that this is traffic whoring for the most part, although I am sure some people just do it to share their common interest in Cheerleaders with other strange people.

In an effort to keep up with the Joneses I poked around to find out how this tag business works. Some blog hosts (Typepad and the like) make it very simple to have tags. In fact they have built-in categories that you can assign to your posts, and PING! instant tags.

Blogger doesn't have such a thing, so us poor folks that cannot afford to actually pay to blog, have to add them manually. You can go to Technorati and click on the tab for TAGS. Then you type in a word that is related to something in your blog post and hit search. It will generate a list of recent posts that contain the word you searched, along with some related tags. On the left of the list, in the sidebar, it gives you an option to add this tag to your blog, and will generate a nifty little code that you copy and paste into your blog post.

OR, you can go to this page and get a copy of the little code and instructions on how to use it. You just insert it manually into all of your blog posts and it lets Technorati know that you just wrote an informational post about Anal Sex. Then everyone searching Technorati for posts about anal sex will come and find you.

Seems easy enough, so I will give it a try and see if anything exciting happens.


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