Wednesday, November 09, 2005
At The Top Of My Christmas Wish List...

Wire Crate

I am the opposite of claustrophobic. I love being in small enclosed spaces. As a child I loved hiding under beds or in empty boxes (who didn't?). Even as an adult I find something very soothing about the thought of being locked up in a cage. I simply can't explain it... like so many of my other desires, it just is.

As an aside, I want to stress to anyone who tinkers in confinement NEVER, EVER, EVER lock up or otherwise restrain a person and then leave them alone. It is stupid and dangerous and you are just asking for trouble. If you MUST go into another room, make sure that you do not leave the other person gagged. If something terrible should happen (a fire, they panic or have a heart attack, anything is possible) you want to be able to hear them. Please do not take chances that could end badly.


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Tantra Chair
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Tantra Chair
A Sacred Exploration into the Kama Sutra

Happy Valentine's Day! rosesglitter


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