Wednesday, October 26, 2005
What Blows Your Skirt Up?

The move has come and gone. Everything went exceedingly well, our helpers were wonderful (no need to pay movers with MJ's brothers and a best friend on call). As I type this I am sitting in our wonderful new dining area, looking out over the expansive green space that our house backs onto. Of course looking around the house, it kind of looks like a tornado hit a Big Box Store. There are boxes, some still sealed, some half-unpacked. There are items here and there, still waiting to find a home in this new house of ours. The kids are running about, still getting a feel for this new place. They won't venture far from me unless they are together, and even then they only go upstairs to play in their bedrooms. Little Turkey has mastered the stairs, which is nice, since it saves me from having to hover over her every moment. It also makes the two baby gates that we bought utterly unnecessary. She has also finally taken to walking. MJ has been saying for months that she was just waiting for us to get into the new house before she bothered learning to walk. Looks like he was right ;)

Blogging here will be slow for a while I suspect. I am weaning myself off of the computer in order to get things done. It seems that I will be up to my neck in To Do lists from now until Christmas at least, LOL. Fortunately, I thrive in these situations, and I know that my streak of perfectionism will serve me well in the coming weeks while I get us settled in.

I will still blog, of course. I will probably continue on with Making My Readers Think And Answer Questions, peppered with house updates and hot snipits of our bedroom activities. As I am able I will write LONG posts answering the questions that I ask here, just because I am sure you are all very curious about my opinions on such matters (why else would you bother reading me, LOL?)

And on that note, another point to ponder from yours truly:

Most people who enjoy aspects of BDSM (non-vanilla for you Amber, since you have proclaimed yourself non-BDSM ;) LOL) have certain activities that they enjoy above all others. For some it is being called specific names, being flogged, hair-pulling, foot worship, biting, nipple torture, even [GASP!] face-slapping!

So what is the thing(s) that get your motor running above all others? Your favorite kinky activity as it were? If you had to give up every BDSM activity, save one, what would it be?

I am interested to read your answers. I apologize that I haven't been able to reply to your comments individually, I usually enjoy doing so. With time being at such a premium around here, I must be content to read-only for the time being. Rest assured that I am reading your comments and appreciate them very much. I hope that everyone is happy and healthy :) Take Care!

P.S. This is very hilarious, and sadly, so true.

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