Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Write Your Number On A Bathroom Wall

Thank you to everyone that commented on my poem after I threw my little fit. I appreciate you guys indulging me, and I promise more "Dr. Seuss meets BDSM" in the future.

Now, I need your help. Since I love polling my readership, and I know that you all are brilliant people, I need some advice for decorating my new house. Yes, you guys are going to get to help me decide some things, so feel flattered :)

Right now I am trying to decide what I can write on the wall in one of my bathrooms. See, I like the idea of writing quotes and so forth on walls. The bathroom in question is mainly going to be used by the kids, but the words do not really have to be geared towards children. This will also be the bathroom of any guests that are staying over. The walls are probably going to be painted an olive green, and the writing will be done in a fancy sort of script in off-white. So, dazzle me with your creativity! If I use your suggestion I promise to send you a picture of the finished bathroom :)

This will not be the last post where I beg for your help, so stay tuned for more, LOL.

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