Thursday, September 08, 2005
Things That Go Bump In The Night

Ok, I know it has been BEYOND boring around here for almost a month. Actually even longer than that, since my last post was far below my usual caliber of writing (in my opinion).

Basically we have been really busy, couple that with some issues between MJ and I, stress over the new house, and you get stagnant blogging (at least for me).

But things are looking up. MJ and I are back on an even keel. In fact we are better than ever, like teenagers again, unable to keep our hands off of each other. It's nice to have that feeling back again, however long it will last, which I hope is for the rest of our lives, but that could become exhausting, LOL.

Things with the new house are progressing. The kitchen cabinets and counter top are in and it's starting to make me sick with excitement every time I walk through it. We are set to get possession September 30th but I am skeptical that it will be finished by then. Hopefully they will amaze me.

My 23 birthday came and went on September 1. I got a fantastic stainless steel coffee maker from the kids. MJ is waiting to let me pick out my own gift at the Kinky Flea Market that is coming up in October. We are both looking forward to that event with much anticipation.

The summer is starting to creep into hiding again, as the leaves turn to yellow and the air becomes crisp and cool. We feel like we have been in total limbo while waiting for the house and going to countless family functions through the summer. Usually I would mourn the loss of a summer with so little time for relaxation. This year I am just grateful that it passed quickly, drawing us ever closer to moving into our dream house (complete with a room for a dungeon). These last few weeks are going to feel like slow torture, and not the kind that I enjoy at the hands of my husband.

Blogging here should pick up for the next few weeks as I struggle to pass the time. Then there might be another long hiatus (who knows how long we could be without internet access). But I know that my 1.5 readers will still be here upon my return. And then the real good times will begin as I post pictures of our evolving dungeon! Good times will be had by all, I promise.

Until next time, take care and play safe.

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