Friday, September 16, 2005
Thanks For Coming Out

Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions on the blog template for MJ! He really likes a few of them and I promise to announce very loudly for everyone as soon as his blog starts up. Keep the title ideas coming if you have any to add!

On that note, last night he was looking at some of the suggestions and he said out loud something to the effect of "why do all these people want to read my blog?" I replied that it was probably because I have been talking about him on my blog for over a year and my readers are curious to see things from his perspective. I let him think on that for a moment and then I said "see what I mean about the pressure?"

I have talked quite a bit on my old blog about the pressure one starts to feel when you amass readers and commenters. You can fall into a trap of playing to the crowd and lose sight of what your blog was supposed to be for to begin with. I hate that, and that is a large reason that I moved my blog. I felt that I could be more honest without the pressure of what I had set myself up for over at The Dungeon. I felt like my readers were expecting one thing, and I wanted to give them something else. Now here we are, and although it has been slow, I feel good about this blog.

MJ agreed with me that it is kind of weird to feel obligated to be funny, witty, or sexy. I really hope that this doesn't scare him away from blogging. Don't worry guys, I am glad that you are encouraging him to write :)

In other news, the new house is inching ever closer to completion and MJ and I are inching ever closer to insanity. This week has been very busy for us. I have been running around, kids in tow, settling last minute details and making phone calls to assure that we will have water and power after we get possession. MJ has been taking care of the legal and money stuff. Sending paperwork here and there and setting up delivery of appliances and so forth. All kinds of fun stuff.

13 days, 19 hours, 46 minutes, 32 seconds and Counting.

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