Sunday, September 18, 2005
Some Stones Are Better Left Un-Turned

Something of importance (at least to myself) has been occupying a tiny corner of my conscious thought for some time now. I am wondering how MJ and I will continue to keep our secrets from our kids in the future years.

In the new house there is a special room. We designed it in a way that its existence will not be obvious, and we plan to install a hidden door that masquerades as a bookcase, and tell all of our friends and family that it is my dark room (I am just getting into photography so that won't be a stretch). Of course any time anyone is over there will be film processing in there..."Don't mind that room, just a dark-room, and I am developing some film so I will have to show you some other time"

That should work out fine for the next decade or so. And then Little Man will become a teenager, and teenagers are notoriously snoopy. I know this because I was one not so long ago. I found my mothers sex toys which were thankfully few in number and very vanilla in nature. One day, one of my kids will figure out that our basement is not shaped exactly like the main floor. Or they will bump the wall in my hobby room and notice the hollow sound that is not normal for a basement wall. After that they will not rest until they have satisfied their curiosity.

I honestly do not want to scar my kids for life. I don't want to have to sit down with them for a sex talk AND a BDSM talk. And I am sure that after the fact they will wish that they had just kept their noses out of it so they don't have to think about MJ and I and anything that sexual.

I'm not out to raise prudish kids, but I also don't believe in being too open with your kids about your sex life. Sure be open about sex in general, answer all their questions, educate them on being safe and so forth. But I just wouldn't feel comfortable describing carnal acts to them over a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. And I am not talking about when they are too young for that sort of thing, I am talking about EVER! Some people I know have that level of openness with their mum's, but sorry, not my kids.

I was raised in a very old-fashioned family. I like to think that I am a bit of black sheep... I will not squirm like I have been holding in pee for three days, when my kids ask me a question about sex. I will also not over-educate them or share personal stories in an effort to be 'friends' with them. They will get enough of that from the sluts at school anyway.

I want them to be open-minded but respectful. Is that really too much to ask?

But I digress...

What will I do to keep them out of that room? Any readers with suggestions about handling snoopy friends, family members, or kids when it comes to your kink?

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