Saturday, September 10, 2005
Relationship Rumination

GASP! The second post in less than a week! See, didn't I promise you more excitement around here?

Today, as I cleaned our condo in a hectic fit (our landlord is bringing someone by to see it any minute) I reflected on my marriage and how lucky I am to have such an amazing man in my life. I do most of my best thinking while I am elbow-deep in soapy water or folding the endless loads of laundry that seem to reproduce themselves faster than your average clan of rodents.

The past few weeks have been eye-opening to say the least. MJ and I went over a bit of a rough spot near the end of August, and since then we have been examining our relationship with a microscope. This kind of intense reflection usually exposes strengths or weaknesses, the flaws and faultlessness of yourself and your partner come to the surface, glaringly obvious.

We have emerged with a renewed appreciation of each other. We don't take our marriage or our love for granted. It may feel as natural as breathing for us to be in love with each other, which lead to slippage into a lulled state of security, where we began to assume that nothing could possibly be amiss in our little snow-globe world of existence. Of course at that moment everything came crashing down.

I don't feel like going into vast details. I believe that there are some things that are sacred within a marriage, and should not be divulged to the world.

In many ways it was a positive thing for us. It is too easy to get caught up with children and work and the daily grind of life. Too often we forget the things that make life worth living. Sometimes it takes a serious kick in the teeth to bring them to your attention.

We have talked and talked and talked, then talked some more. We have reconnected with each other, remembering all of the feelings and thoughts that brought us together in the beginning. It has been like re-living the early days of our relationship. When everything was new to us and we were giddy with infatuation. I wonder how these feelings ever got lost in the shuffle, it makes me sad, but also thankful that I am getting this chance to remember.

It's like remembering something that was never completely forgotten, just pushed aside for far too long.

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