Thursday, September 22, 2005
One Welt, Two Welt, Red Welt, Blue Welt

Yesterday was a hard day for me, long and tiring, punctuated by a bout of depression that seemed to take hold of me in the moment I least expected it. I felt needy and out of sorts, I haven't slept right for months because Baby Girl refuses to sleep anywhere except for between MJ and I. Neither MJ or I sleep well at all when we cannot touch each other. We have slept close to each other, our naked bodies pressed against each other, since the very first night we were together. There is something highly unnerving about waking up and not feeling his warm flesh against mine. The fact that I am in the middle of my TOM was no help either.

I sent him a brief e-mail in the afternoon, asking him very nicely to come home and blister my backside with our steel-core leather paddle. After he finished with me I promised to suck his cock until he came (and despite my fantastic oral skills, that is no easy task, let me tell you, MJ has never cum easily just from oral sex). Of course he was only too happy to comply.

I decided that something had to be done about Baby Girls sleeping arrangement as well. I made a point of putting her down in her crib for her nap (usually I let her sleep in our bed). She fussed for a few minutes and then snuggled down into MJ's pillow (she is spoiled now and MJ has been forced to surrender his feather pillow for the greater good). She went to sleep and didn't make another peep until over an hour later.

When MJ got home we ate supper, he helped Little Man pick up all of his toys, and I took Baby Girl to our room for bed. Again I put her in her crib, read her a story, and then laid on our bed where she could see me. She cried for longer than she did at nap time. It was the pouty, angry cry that she always uses to try to get her way. I ignored her, pretending to be asleep. She is nearly 1.5 and she knows that she has not been abandoned, she is just resistant to change. Finally she settled down and went to sleep on MJ's pillow (looks like I will be buying him a new one very soon).

With the kids in bed, MJ wanted to run to the grocery store because we were out of milk and bananas (I live in a house with two little monkey-calf hybrids that seem to live on milk and bananas). He told me to prepare the fold-out bed and get out the tool box. I was to put on my wrist and ankle cuffs, but save the collar for him to put on me.

He left and I did as I was told. The anticipation was delicious as I laid out the toys, arranged the rope, and fastened my cuffs on. Even though I only really wanted the paddle, I put out the floggers and my old leather belt that now serves as a fantastic strap. MJ likes to have selection when it comes to what he beats on me with.

By the time her got back I was all wrapped up in the CSI season finale (I am assuming they showed it because tomorrow night is the season premier). We both love CSI so MJ decided to stretch out on the bed and have me rub all of his sore muscles while we watched. I didn't mind, a happy Dom makes for a happy submissive, and with him all loosened up I was sure he would be inclined to play longer.

Once CSI was over we shut off the TV and he instructed me to assume the position (read face-down on the bed and spread eagle). I did as I was told and he tied my arms and legs to the four corners of the bed, fastening them more tightly than the previous time. He blindfolded me, but I asked nicely that he not use the ring gag because it rubs the corners of my mouth raw and I haven't had time to figure out a practical solution.

After that, things become fuzzy. I know that he gave me a brief warm-up, starting with the rubber flogger, which feels like hundreds of stinging bees when it strikes with any force. The flogger fell over and over, harder than ever before. I felt my skin burning as I fought the urge to cry out. The ring gag was looking pretty good at that point. He flogged my ass, my thighs, and my upper back (more specifically the shoulder area). His accuracy has improved and I wondered vaguely if he had been practicing on a pillow while I wasn't around.

Just when he had pushed me far enough that I almost uttered our slow-down word, he stopped, and ran his hands over the red lashes he had laid on my body. I shuddered and whimpered. And so it went with the small leather flogger, which has a far worse bite than I ever anticipated, and then the paddle. Each time he pushed me right to my limit, and then stopped, taking a moment to reassure me, before switching implements and carrying on. At some points I wept, as the baggage and feelings of inadequacy left me.

The steel-core paddle remains one of my favorite toys. It is totally silent as it slices through the air, landing on the skin with a loud crack that sounds a lot worse than it feels. The paddle is long enough to land soundly across both cheeks at once, leaving a searing red welt in its wake. For reasons unknown, I find the hard impact of it soothing.

MJ made me beg him to hit me harder. I was panting and my rear was burning like never before, but I managed to whimper a weak "please". I know, pretty pathetic begging, but it was the best I could do in the moment. He paddled me a few more times before deciding that I had endured enough. He decided to reward me further by giving me a lovely orgasm (clitoral stimulation only, thanks to my TOM, but incredibly satisfying none the less). My brain was swimming in endorphins and I hardly remember the ending, or him untying me. He held me for a while afterwards, and touched my welted flesh. Finally I was able to get up and he sent me off to the bathroom to examine my marks (he knows that I love looking at them). My shoulders and butt were indeed red. I was a tad surprised that I hadn't started to bruise already, but then again, I do not bruise easily.

I went back to the living room and kept my half of the deal, sucking and licking his rock-hard cock until he came in my mouth. And I even managed to swallow (see this story if you don't already know about my hangup with cum).

We tidied up, I put away the toolbox (I usually do this job because the toolbox is filled to near bursting and I know how to fit everything back in it, LOL). MJ folded the bed back up and made sure the door was locked and then went to take out his contacts. I finished putting things away and blowing out candles, and then we crawled into a Baby Girl-free bed and cuddled as tightly together as possible). I think that I fell asleep within minutes because that is the last thing I remember. I haven't slept so good in ages, and MJ also woke up feeling well rested.

I think that we played harder last night than we ever have before. We both enjoyed it beyond words. Sadly I have no bruises to show for it today. He has promised that he will try harder to leave me some souvenirs the next time ;)

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