Saturday, September 24, 2005
In The Heat I Get Poetic

Sometimes I get in a mood to write some poetry. This one isn't really my best, it is meant to be more light-hearted than serious. Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

She found herself
tied to the cross
time for a lesson
on who is boss

He stood behind her
whip in hand
she was shaking hard
she could barely stand

"My little slut
you must obey
not just sometimes
but every day

You cannot choose
which rules you heed
a little reminder
is what you need

I like your spunk
and I love your sass
but you shouldn't forget
who owns your ass"

And then the whip
hissed through the air
and left its mark
on skin so fair

she squirmed and wept
to no avail
there was no escape
from that single tail

Again and again
the welts it raised
the pleasure and pain
leaves her feeling dazed

His hands are on her
his touch like fire
her body trembles
with her desire

Her debt is paid
the punishment done
and yet the night
has just begun...

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