Thursday, July 21, 2005
Top Five Toys In Our Toolbox

I was just taking a look at the number and frequency of posts I have written here since I started. I hadn't really realized that I was going so long between posts! I must be an awfully boring read. I can chalk it up to being really busy (our summer is soooooo over-booked), but I want to make an effort to write more often.

I belong to a few local webgroups having to do with kink and all manners of BDSM. Sometimes I like to borrow questions and topics from there to write about here. Today is one of those times.

Recently someone asked what 10 items in our collection of implements we would keep if we had to give up everything else. I don't know if everyone has 10 things that they love that much so I am pruning it down to five. I am going to list mine and then 'tag' some other kinky bloggers to list theirs. Hopefully they won't mind playing along :)

Five Toys I Would Keep:

1. The leather cuff set I had custom-made last Christmas. Cuffs are so versatile, they can be used for bondage or just for fashion.

2. The steel-core leather paddle I bought at the sex show last November. It's big and heavy and packs a lot of ouch.

3. My G-Spot vibrator. I have never actually achieved a g-spot orgasm with it, but it is just the right shape for both vaginal and anal penetration; I keep it in my bedside table.

4. The leather flogger that we bought at the kinky flea market this year. It has a turned-wood handle and 24 inch cowhide tails. It is kind of thuddy, the pain level can be minimal or major ouch, depending on how it is being used.

5. My leather collar. Ok, I didn't like it at first because it isn't really my taste, but nothing puts me in subspace faster than hearing that little lock click shut at the back of my neck.

So there you have it. I may have MJ weigh in on his preferences later (in case they are different than mine). Feel free to share yours in comments! I would like to tag Gabby, Swan or Tom (whoever wants to answer), and Lady Calliah. And maybe each of them will tag three people and so forth!

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