Sunday, June 12, 2005
Insomnia Is A Blogs Best Friend

MJ is not home tonight. He had an event (no, not kink related) to attend in Edmonton that requires him to be gone overnight. Originally the kids and I were going to go along too, and stay at my in-laws. But Little Man and I have a sinus cold, Baby Girl started getting symptoms yesterday too, so I opted to stay home with my munchkins.

Without MJ here I find it nearly impossible to sleep. I used to be the kind of girl that couldn't share her personal space at night, but no longer. These days (err...nights) I lay awake for hours on end if the warm body of my husband is not pressed against me. We don't usually fall asleep cuddling, but always some parts of us are touching. I find it unnerving to reach over unconsciously and not find him there. It practically guarantees tossing and turning for much of the night.

So I adopted a new strategy to cope. Don't go to bed until I am so exhausted sleep in inevitable. Blogging is an acceptable way to pass the time, while I watch soft-core porn on Showcase.

MJ just gave me our standard "Goodnight, sweet dreams, love you, miss you" call that we always make when one of us is away. Sometimes that is enough, often one of us will call later into the night and whimper into the receiver about how lonely we are. Very rarely, but often enough to be mentioned, phone sex occurs. Yes, tacky as some people think that it is. I hate to call it phone sex. We mostly just relate what we could be up to should we only be a few inches apart instead of a few hundred miles. If one or both of us is sufficiently awake and horny enough to bother, masturbation might occur.

Did you know that the first time MJ and I spoke on the phone we had phone sex? Yup. It was awkward, adolescent-like, and kind of unusual because we had never met in real life. Perhaps that added to the thrill because we were free to imagine each other just as we wanted. If it is of any consequence, he was almost identical, if not hotter, than I imagined him.

Tonight I may have to be content to pleasure myself alone, since he sounded exhausted on the phone and will probably be sawing logs by the time I hit publish and head to bed.

Speaking of which, I think it's about that time. Sweet dreams all :)

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