Thursday, June 09, 2005
How To Use This Blog

Since I have a mix of new readers and continuing readers (from my other blog), I just wanted to give everyone the run-down on how things work around here.

Linking: Please feel free to link to me, anyone who wants to, even readers from The Dungeon days. Like I said at the old blog, I didn't start fresh because of what happened with the comments on that blog that shall remain nameless. Those that know me probably saw it coming for a long time. I am not in hiding, I don't really care if 'those' people know about this blog. So please, don't hesitate to link me :)

If you are a 'free porn' listing site, please refrain from linking, I don't like you people!

I watch my stats, if I find out that someone linked me and I don't like their site, I will politely ask them via e-mail to remove my blog from their links. If that doesn't work I may ask them on their comments board. And if that doesn't work and I REALLY don't like what they are about I will FLAME their ass to hell here on my blog. Watch for those posts, they will be fun, LOL.

If you want me to read and/or link your blog feel free to ask. I have a screening process for links, if I don't read you, I don't link you. I am willing to look at new sites, because sometimes I find a really neat one, but asking for a link does not guarantee that you will get one. Feel free to get pissy and not link me. If I find you boring/disgusting/etc I probably don't want a link from your site anyway, I am not a traffic whore.

Commenting: I like comments, even if you want to tell me that my blog gives you nightmares and you are sure I will rot in hell. I love to debate, but I will refrain from bothering if you appear to lack the intelligence of a fruit fly.

I also happily accept comments via e-mail. Be aware that any e-mails set become personal property of me and are potential blog material (unless you ask me specifically not to and provide some good reasons). I am not unreasonable, but some of my commenters are insightful and I like to share wisdom with the world. Comments from asshats can also provide a good laugh for all of us.

If I find your comment to be lacking even basic intelligence I will delete it, or post it on the blog and poke fun at you.

Quotes: If you borrow something that I say here for your own blog, please provide a link back to this blog. I don't mind being quoted, even if you are mocking me, but at least allow your readers to judge my knowledge or lack there of for themselves.

Images: From time to time I may post original artwork or photos that belong to me. I don't mind if you borrow them or use them on your site. Like quotes, please provide a link back to this blog.

Thank you, that is all.

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