Thursday, June 09, 2005
Filling The Gap

I am talking about the generation gap, dirty perverts.

I was raised in a large Catholic family. My immediate and extended family was quite obviously dominated by the women, they wear the pants in their relationships; a trait that has sentanced at least one of them to eternal singlehood (this is wonderful if it is your desired path, but her dream in life was to marry and have kids). If my aunts and mother had not blessed/cursed with abnormally large breasts (we are talking DD or larger) I am sure that bra burnings would have been a regular occurrence during family gatherings. Sex was never discussed, except if I cornered my mother with a question that could not be explained away with storks or baby supermarkets.

Perhaps I am so violently bucking the family norms due to the oppressive nature of my upbringing. I rebelled of course, and decided to embrace and celebrate my sexuality. I want to try new things, and I make an effort to avoid developing hang ups about sexual acts. I might be considered a black sheep, although I don't share details of my sex life with my family.

During my time reading and writing sex blogs I have noticed that women from older generations have a harder time accepting their feelings of Dominance or submission. They also appear to have more hang ups related to the anus or other sex acts that are traditionally considered taboo. I suppose that my generation has been raised in a society that is more liberated than any other before it. That has become more apparent to me as of late, thanks to blogging and the internet.

Women in their late thirties and up seem to have a harder time accepting their sexual desires, and sharing them with their partners. I am sure this problem could apply to men as well, but I don't read a lot of sex blogs by men so I have very little data on which to form an opinion.

It is interesting to me that even after the much praised 'sexual revolution' (which in my opinion was simply a side effect of the drugs and not because serious strides were made to educate society as a whole) women are still reluctant to get honest about their needs and desires.

I grew up while homosexuality was starting to come out of the closet. I think that my family being SO against homosexuality made me want to support it (which I do). I think that I should thank my narrow-minded mother for my open-minded stance on sexuality and morality, among other things. Everything she hated I decided to love.

Oddly, the women in my family took a rather pathetic stance on infidelity. From what I can tell, if you have kids at home and you have no job (which none of them did while they had kids at home) you just pretend you don't know it's happening. Even though I can appreciate the hard situation this created I would rather be a single mother than knowingly share my husband with another woman. I think that these things, among others, spawned a deep level of disgust in me when it comes to people who step out on their spouse.

All that said, besides the obvious social suppression, do you suppose there are other reasons that these differences between the generations exist? I wasn't around at the time that these women were growing up so I can only speculate on the popular morals and ideals of the time. Does anyone care to shed a little more light on the topic? Maybe I am making generalizations about my own generation and I am just an exception. I do like to believe that I am exceptional ;) LOL

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